Micuna is pleased to introduce the Micussori Collection. Based on the Montessori educational model, the Micussori products seek to develop in children independence and freedom with limits, respecting the natural psychology and the physical and social development of the child. Four products featuring exceptional design, quality and functionality are offered in the range: Tipi House, Little Things Organizer, Little Helper Learning Platform and Mini Chef Learning Platform.

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Tipi House

Micuna's Tipi House toddler bed allows children to release their imagination and have their own space where to imagine a world to suit them. Our design team developed a simple, practical and unique space for them. Designed with a rectangular base and a pine structure in the shape of a house, a...

Price $649.00

Mini chef learning platform

Mini Chef learning platform is the perfect tool for children who want to explore in the kitchen! The Mini Chef guided system allows you to simply and intuitively change its functionality without any tools.  Easily and effortlessly change the height of the stairs by simply sliding the top step up...

Price $319.00

Little things organizer

A place tailored for the little ones, where they can keep all their things in order: clothes, shoes, boots, accessories and even toys or books. Thanks to the Little Things organizer, children can learn about organization and order, experience their autonomy, and practice their choice to decide...

Price $279.00

Little helper learning platform

The Little Helper learning platform has minimalist lines and monochrome colors, staying true to the Montessori philosophy. This platform will help little ones’ to develop autonomy and to safely experiment in every room of the house.

Price $279.00