$200 Discount on Baby Safety Month

Baby safety is one of the main concerns for every parent. Is our little one sleeping well? Is their stroller secure? Is there something in the house that can hurt them? Many questions run through our minds making us worried for something that is easier than it looks – although nonetheless important, of course.

Baby safety is Micuna’s top priority

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) sponsors Baby Safety Month each year by sharing with us many tips about how to ensure our baby is safe and sound. This year they put their attention to the importance of product registration cards and recall response.



How do we celebrate Baby Safety Month? By offering you an amazing discount!! From now through October 15th you can save $200 on our LIFE crib when buying it on our online Store. Are you going to miss this opportunity? We hope not! 


Discount LIFE crib
Discount LIFE crib


Day-to-day safety tips

Implementing a regimen of some little actions within baby’s daily routine can help their safety, comfort and well-being. Safe sleep ranks at the top of every parent’s list of worries with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) the leading cause of death in infants between 1 month and 1 year of age.  Each year, about 4,000 infants die unexpectedly during sleep time, from SIDS, accidental suffocation, or unknown causes. You can either end after worries or keep in the SIDS info.

By providing infants with a safe sleep environment it is possible to help reduce the risk of SIDS. You can ensure a safe sleep environment for your babies by avoiding letting them get too hot, ensure proper pacifier usage, place them on a firm mattress covered by a fitted sheet…


Safety baby HARMONY crib
I don’t get Safety baby here?


When our children start crawling or walking, we all get worried as well but there are some small tips you can do to convert your home into a safe place. Protect the corner of your furniture, hide your wall sockets, don’t leave cables or toys in the middle of their way… All efforts are important to provide your baby a pleasant and safe first step. 


baby safety
Keep your baby safe when she starts crawling


Best materials to assure baby safety!

At Micuna we care very much about quality, therefore we choose only the best materials to offer you the best products of the market. Crafted with wood and eco-friendly materials, our cribs, bassinet and highchair are sustainable and safe. You won’t find even one toxic molecule, guaranteed.


Safety LIFE crib
Super safe LIFE crib


Our cribs are so astonishing that you can also win one LIFE crib thanks to Pregnant Chicken’s #BabySafetyMonth giveaway. Hurry up! You can get over $1,600 in prizes from MAM baby, ergoPouch, Micuna and Newton to celebrate this Baby Safety Month.

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