7 advantages of eco-friendly furniture

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The advantage of eco-friendly furniture is mainly based on its manufacturing process, but also thanks to its material, it can be used in a variety of ways. Natural wood can bring several advantages to our home. 

If you are thinking about how to decorate your home in a safe way for you and the environment, you are in the right place!   Today we will learn more about eco-friendly furniture and some of the advantages it can bring to our home. 

What is eco-friendly furniture? 

Eco-friendly furniture aims to create environments in harmony with nature. It is about creating natural and organic environments that are safe for our habitat. 

Are you looking for an eco-friendly furniture store? At Micuna we pride ourselves in our environmental conscious thinking and in our eco-friendly practices, combining traditional methods with new technologies so that our production process is more efficient.

Seven advantages of environment-friendly furniture

Careful manufacturing process

From the very beginning of the furniture manufacturing process, the efficient and responsible use of raw materials is taken into account. In this way, we strive to have a minimum impact on the environment. Therefore, the material used is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

During the manufacturing process, different controls are carried out to check the correct use and treatment of the raw material. Each process changes depending on the type of material, natural wood is usually used more. 

In this sense, all of our products are made from materials like solid beech wood from sustainable forests. We believe in a slower way of life, more respectful to the planet, so that next generations can enjoy the beauty of nature as we do.

Preventing deforestation

Another advantage is that our products are made from renewable materials, obtained from trees in national forests. The controlled use of this material renews these natural spaces in order to continue producing furniture and other types of products.

The material is regulated by carrying out responsible reforestation. The renewal of forests is essential so that there is always wood available and to alleviate the challenging consequences of climate change.


Safety and resistance

Furniture is not made by simply sourcing raw materials. These materials are subjected to specific manufacturing processes that may or may not be dangerous. Often, wood treatments or paints are used to decorate different pieces of furniture. 

Our eco-friendly furniture is finished with ecological paints and non-toxic treatments that provide safe practices for our health. Creating safe products for all members of the family, especially when it comes to children's furniture is of top importance to Micuna.  


High-quality material

The material of our environment-friendly furniture undergoes different quality and care controls. These many tests ensure its sustainability, resistance and durability as furniture. 

Different materials are used, but wood is usually the most common. Natural wood brings several advantages when it comes to including it as decoration in our home.


Humidity control

In the case of natural wood, there is a key advantage for easy maintenance: it reduces the excess of humidity. This factor contributes to its regulation and keeps the room in optimal conditions to help further create a healthy environment.

Natural wood includes many more benefits for both you and your home. If you would like to know more about it, comment on our post and we will share future information on this topic.

Easy to maintain

One of the top priorities for any product that is purchased today is that its maintenance is simple. Wood it is easy to maintain with cleaning and basic care and is comfortable and simple!

Example for kids: Little helper learning platform


You can find many traditional and modern designs for both indoor and outdoor areas. Contemporary designs may seem simple, however, modern furniture manufacturers have come up with interesting and inventive styles for home furniture and decor items, making these items stylish and sophisticated as well.

Micuna has become renowned for the innovative design of our products. Chic, modern shapes with a unique Nordic touch are always present in our high chairs and bassinets. This being one of the reasons we are referenced as a modern European design baby furniture.

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