Baby furniture: things you should know before you shop

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Baby furniture: what you should know before you shop

Preparing for your baby’s arrival? Getting overwhelmed by all of the options you have to sort through? If the answers to both those questions are yes then this article is for you. 

Here are some tips to help you choose the right furniture for your baby that is safe, comfortable and fulfills all of your baby’s requirements.

What baby furniture what do you really need

These are some of the most important pieces of furniture you will need when your little one arrives. Starting with one of the most important baby furniture purchases you will need:

Crib: This is really important because your baby will probably use this the most from the newborn stage and for even years to come. 

Dresser: This will be used for storing diapers, wipes, bibs, creams and baby’s clothing in general.

Changing table: You will need this as baby goes through outfit changes up to four times a day. A changing table won’t be needed for a long period of time as once your baby is potty trained, they would have outgrown the changing table.

High chair: Babies grow fast, so you would probably have to buy a new chair after a couple of months. Not if you get a baby high chair as they are adjustable and will adapt. Which in turn would mean they’ll last longer. They also serve the essential purpose to help with feeding.

Strollers - buggies: When using for young babies you should make sure they have fully reclining seats, so your baby can lie flat. If you’re planning on using any other pushchair it is best to wait till your baby can sit by themselves.

Safety gates - barriers: Babies are curious and really fast. So it is best to install safety gates/barriers around staircases, sharp corners or places you don’t want your baby to be in. You want your baby to explore their surroundings but also want them to be safe. 

How to clean baby furniture?

An important factor for your baby is cleanliness if you want your child to be healthy and avoid germs and bacteria. It is important to keep a high hygienic standard. Your baby furniture should be properly cleaned, especially the baby’s crib in which they will spend the most time.  Baby’s high chair too as a high chair easily requires more cleaning than any other baby furniture. So it is important to buy furniture that has simple designs which are easy to clean.  

Babies' skin is sensitive and delicate, and you should use gentle cleansing products such as naturally formulated baby products that do not contain parabens or preservatives. Never forget to ask professionals beforehand to find out which one is the most suitable for your baby!

How durable is the baby furniture?

In choosing different pieces of baby furniture, in the long run it is better if they are evolutionary and adaptable to the development of your baby. This way they will grow with the baby's needs and last several years. Durable, quality long lasting baby furniture will also be able to be passed down to other family members.  

Can you donate baby furniture? Yes it is possible to donate baby furniture but it is important to make sure items are in good condition before doing so. Baby furniture accounts for around ten percent of injuries in children aged twelve months and below. Inspect the item for safety before you donate it and whether it complies with current requirements!

Where to get baby furniture?

There are many types of baby furniture stores. So you may be wondering...where to buy the best baby furniture? Actually it all depends on many factors, for example, the habits of your lifestyle, where you live, price and more...

If you prefer to find baby furniture near you for the possibilities you have around you as long as they offer furniture choices that meet the requirements of quality and safety for your baby. 

If you are of the mindset that online shopping is more convenient don't miss the opportunity to see our baby furniture: safe and with a high quality eco-friendly manufacturing. Visit Micuna to see all the possibilities for the arrival of your baby. We will be happy to answer any questions you have to help guide you in choosing the perfect baby furniture for your needs!

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