Learning tower: special moments

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Learning tower: special moments

Montessori Learning Tower. What is it?

A learning tower is an educational tool to help children develop independence. For children it is a "safe little helper" to be able to perform different activities at home. Would you like to find the best ideas for using the learning tower?

Today we will show you some ideas to make the most of this necessary learning tool. There are endless possibilities to create activities with such a useful, adaptable and creative tool. 

When to use a learning tower? 

It is necessary to make sure the child feels secure in the tower and that they learn to hold on firmly without losing their balance.  This of course depends on the individual development and growth of the child, who can use the learning tower from the age of 20 months. 

5 perfect activities for using the learning tower

There are many possibilities to learn in any room of the house with this tool. But it will definitely be of great use in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • Personal hygiene: such as cleaning hands or brushing teeth
  • Cooking with the family: here are a couple of ideas to develop psychomotor skills and control of a child’s movements

                                           -  Beating eggs to prepare a cake

                                           -  Wash fruit before eating

                                           -   Making pizza dough

  • Cleaning the kitchen after cooking
  • Taking something from the fridge
  • Washing dishes after eating

Here are some ideas to start developing different cognitive skills and at the same time routine activities at home. In this way, even if the child only observes the activity you can get benefits such as: 

  • Learn new words
  • Participate in home routine
  • Stimulate their language and communication
  • Working on their confidence and security to develop activities

The advantages of using a learning tower are not only these, each person can give it his personal touch. There are many possibilities to learn through such an innovative, evolutive and interactive tool. 

Do you want to buy a learning tower? If so, a perfect choice will be the Micuna Mini Chef Learning Tower. The learning tower develops the autonomy and learning of children anywhere throughout the house.

The learning tower is also ideal for drawing or artistic activities on a painting or blackboard. Would you like to know more creative ways to use our Mini Chef Learning Tower? Leave your comments and requests for the next Micuna posts!

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