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Guest Post from Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral

When it comes to nursery organization our main focal points are functionality, accessibility, and maintainability. We always preach quality over quantity, and the nursery is no exception! We were introduced to Micuna and fell in love with their simple, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and beautifully crafted products. We believe that less is more and that timeless, safe furniture that can be used for multiple years and passed on to future babies is consistently a good investment.

Now on to organizing ALL THE THINGS:

Dresser: The top few rows should store the everyday essentials. Depending which way your baby is facing on the changing pad (head to the left or right) you will want to put the diapers in either side drawer to make it easy to grab with your dominate hand. In most cases that will be the right side (baby’s head to the left). In the diaper drawer combine everything you need for a diaper change; diapers, wipes, diaper balm, powder, etc. In a separate drawer put all the baby tools; including nail clippers, nose bulb, comb, thermometer, any medicines, etc. We love using dividers in these drawers to keep things separate—making everything easy to grab and distinguish what goes where! Burp cloths and other necessities can take up a drawer as well. If you have larger drawers consider getting larger dividers to keep items separated. Containment is key!

LIJ TIP: Something we have found to be really handy and convenient is the diaper caddy. It stores everything you need for a diaper change, with a drawer where you can put ointment, burp cloths, or whatever suits your baby’s needs. It is also easy to clean and portable— so you can take it into any room or take it in the car! 


Clothing: The littles grow out of their clothes so quickly, so prepping for their first year will be super helpful. We like to file fold clothing so you can see everything within the drawer rather than clothing being stacked, then organize by size (0-3 months, 3 months, 3-6 months, etc.) and by type of clothing (onesie, sleepers, long sleeve, etc.). Label the inside of the drawer or use dividers to put things back in the right spot– in hopes they can wear an outfit a few times before they grow out of it! 


LIJ TIP: If you plan on having another baby, grab a few plastic bins to store outgrown clothes. We encourage parents to toss/donate any items/clothing that have been heavily used and/or have stains (to cut down on clutter!) and to label and store baby clothes by size and gender so that when it comes time to get ready for the next baby you will have everything already organized and can just install!


Books & Toys: The 4, 6, and 8 cube storage with the correlating sized bins are great for storing all the books, toys, and stuffed animals! We like to keep these items categorized by type and easily accessible for the little ones to play with (even though it can get a little messy). Adding labels with words and pictures will help them identify what goes in what bins for an easier cleanup.


Closet: Things that are not utilized on a daily or weekly basis should go up high in the closet. Outgrown clothing, clothing to grow into, sentimental items, maternity clothes, etc.— the top shelf is a good place for these items. The most frequently used items should be at eye level or lower so that they are easily accessible. There are hanger dividers to keep clothing sorted by size or season and keep sheets, bedding, and blankets washed and ready in fabric bins! 


There is already enough going on with a new baby, so creating a relaxing and organized space for parents & baby is top priority! When organizing the nursery think of the flow of the room and what best suits you and your family’s needs! 

Jen_Jenerally speakingJen Robin has been helping people get organized for as long as she can remember, and in 2014 she turned her passion into a career. Life in Jeneral is a lifestyle and organizing company for people ready to transform their lives. Our goal is to help people simplify, organize, and transform their space(s) so they can live their life more joyfully. We strive to get to know your dreams, your goals and your soul purpose in life so we can help you start living it. Simplify your stuff. Organize what you love. The result is pure joy. @lifeinjeneral,

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