What activities to do with children at home?

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What activities to do with children at home?

Home activities for kids and family! 

In the following post we include some ideas for different situations during your routine for both individual and group activities. We hope you find it helpful!

Nowadays, inside our homes we have endless possibilities to build the right environment for every family member. Discovering new and different activities for children is important when we have to stay at home.

We can also use technology, such as playing games or watching movies, to help children learn, but this time we will focus on our own home environment. This way you will discover new options to have fun, play with your family and, at the same time, reinforce your children's learning. Let 's go there!

Play board games!  

An option that can never be missed. Board games create a play environment where children can learn easily. They also work different aspects of development and communication in a very fun way. What are your favorite board games? 

Although if you prefer an individual activity for the kid you can offer puzzles. When finished assembling, paint them or decorate them to your liking, for example, with stickers.

The kitchen is our ally!

In the kitchen you can also do different activities, a snack or even a dessert. Take advantage and cook with the kids while learning new recipes. 

The most fun and simple for them can be a cookie by adding favorite ingredients. There are many tools to cook with children promoting their development and learning.

Encourage imagination and creativity!

Do you want your children to work on their creativity? Well, you can start with their own room. This game is about creating and representing a story from the elements found in the room. 

For example, you start a fantasy story. You choose a toy from the room, such as an elf. This will be the main character of the story and the child will have to imagine different missions from the objects that you choose randomly. At the end of the game the children will have to draw which story they liked the most.

Bring out your artistic side!

If you want to practice more artistic activities with the kids here are a couple of ideas. Customize your own T-shirt or practice some sports with the kids!

Take a few T-shirts that you don't want to use, better if they are white. Then with different paints, patches or even buttons decorate it as you like!

If you prefer some movement, you can make a playlist of the songs you like the most. Play karaoke in your own home or even create dance choreographies. Enjoy practicing some sports with the kids! 

There are many ways to have fun at home with children, if you would like to suggest a special activity for the next post, contact Micuna

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