Why Buy A High Chair for Baby and What to Look For

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Why Buy A High Chair for Baby and What to Look For 

You may be asking yourself, do I need a high chair for my baby? The answer to that question should be a yes, and for quite a few reasons. Here are some of the reasons and benefits why this piece of baby furniture is so important during your child's growth. 

Baby inclusión: Babies are not usually included in family mealtimes, because they’d have eaten earlier, but now by having a high chair you can have your baby at the table with the rest of the family, which will in turn help the baby bond and feel included.

Baby Independence: Letting your baby eat on their own. With a high chair this will  reduce the chance of a big mess and give you the chance to watch your baby learn to eat independently and try out different foods. Which in turn will help to reduce the chance of your baby turning out to be a picky eater.

Easy to clean: High chairs are designed to be easy to clean with most covers and straps being removable which allow for easy cleaning.

Removable and Adjustable trays: Being able to adjust the distance of the tray to your child can be very helpful.  In addition the ability to remove the tray can make for easy cleaning.

When to use a highchair

There is no exact time for this as it varies slightly from baby to baby, but usually when your child is able to sit up on their own and can eat solid food, this is usually a good marker that it is time. Typically this is from about six to seven months

Which high chair is best

Here are some things to look out for when trying to choose the best high chair for your baby:

  • Adjustable seat height 
  • Stable base
  • Adjustable safety straps 
  • No exposed hinges 

Plus safety tips

- Try to look for high chairs with extra safety in the design and manufacturing of the high chair. 

- Always remember to strap your baby in when they are in the high chair. This will minimize the risk of your baby moving around and tipping the high chair.

- Never let your baby stand in the high chair, they should always be in the sitting position.

- Always ensure the high chair is away from countertops and tables so your child won’t use their legs to push the chair over.

- Always check that the moving parts won’t crush, pinch or trap your baby’s finger, limb, toe or head, and that there are no sharp edges along the chair that could cut your baby.

Where to buy a highchair

You can buy a highchair in different places, the most important thing is that you keep in mind what to look for as we have discussed in the different sections of this post. This way you can make sure that it is a practical, comfortable and safe piece of kitchen furniture for your baby. 

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