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Welcome back, micuna lovers! Please take your seats, get comfortable and meet the star of today’s micuna blog (drum roll): the LIFE crib! Known for its endless combinations, giving parents the chance to bring out their most creative side, the LIFE crib is worth not only one, but many posts and magazine pages.

But introductions go first, so that’s the raison d’être of this post. And before we continue, let’s give a big hand to Giggle, the super innovative baby store chain which has the exclusive of this world wonder through March.

This crib gives you LIFE!

So, you haven’t had the pleasure to meet the LIFE crib before? Let us then tell you a bit more of this wonderful product.


Yes, friends. The LIFE crib has as many combination possibilities as your creative soul allows you. With four initial color combinations (LIFE Provenza, LIFE Kenya, LIFE Tribeca, LIFE Brooklyn), you also have a range of 16 spindle shades ? from which you can choose three and combine them with their crib base in natural wood or white. So now you can make your little darling’s room a very special and personal one  😉

Grows as your baby grows

LIFE crib has a longer life than other cribs. How is that possible? Simple: by allowing multiple mattress heights as well as featuring easily removing bars. If you want to, you can even convert LIFE crib to a twin bed!


Easy to assemble

You don’t have to worry about all those color spindles and bars: it’s veeeery easy to assemble them and build the crib of your dreams thanks to a spring latch system. Just follow the instructions 🙂 !

LIFE barrotes removibles


Naturally, as we are micuna! The LIFE crib is made of safe and organic materials (solid beechwood and eco-MDF) and complies with US and EUROPEAN standards.



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